Production Management System


You will learn how to setup the basics of Production to get your jobs built quickly, how to hire subcontractors and hold them accountable, systematize your Production Department, hire a Production Manager and Field Quality Control inspector, and setup some internal control so this functional area can run without you. The SVG Team takes your logo and company information and professionally brands these documents for you!

The Production Management System includes the following:


$3000 Value

Training Manuals

$500 Value

Key Positions

$1000 Value

Each key position contains a recruiting ad, interview questions, W-2 hiring Agreement, and a 1099 I/C Agreement

Contracts & Forms

$4000 Value

Start Inking Monster Projects

SVG Production Management System Overview:

“I suppose entire books could be written on Production and how to build jobs. Some owners prefer to handle this aspect themselves, while others enjoy sales and prefer to hire someone to run production and building and supervising jobs. To each their own. Personally, I was one of those entrepreneurs who has always chosen to fill this position as soon as humanly possible, once sales and cash flow justified the hire. I typically fill this role within 30 days of opening a new office, right after hiring the Sales Coordinator and Field Trainer. I knew that if I could get the PM position filled, then I wouldn’t didn’t have to tinker with ordering and dropping materials or with calling customers or dealing with production field issues, I could quickly spend a majority of my time in the sales area or possibly set off to open new office locations. I am in the business of scaling, not forever focused on the day-to-day details of the business.”

-Anthony Delmedico, SVG Founder and CEO, Author of “Win The Game”

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