Phase 2 Sales Training


The Phase 2 Sales Training includes the following:

Training Manuals

$3000 Value

Key Positions

$1500 Value

Each key position contains a recruiting ad, interview questions, W-2 hiring Agreement, and a 1099 I/C Agreement

Contracts & Forms

$6000 Value

Next Level Sales Training

Phase II Sales Training System Overview:

Okay hopefully you are now shaking and moving as a company! You have utilized some aspects of the SVG Phase I Sales Training System and recruited and mobilized a new, large sales team, and hopefully you have tripled the size of your team from last year. You and your Field Trainer can hardly keep up with all the insurance adjustments coming in. 

Additionally, those insurance companies are distributing all those ACV (actual cash value) checks to get those restoration projects started. This is a great time for you as a Company because you are about to become flush with cash deposits! And if you followed the SVG system and are building a sales team and winning adjustments, this could mean hundreds of new jobs for you pouring over the coming months.

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