Contingency Agreement


In a Contingency Agreement, the property owner basically signs an agreement that says that they agree to use Contractor A for their construction work as long as Contractor A works with their insurance adjuster and does all the work for insurance proceeds

Contingency Agreement Description:

Contingency Agreement

Contract Overview:

Many guys in the industry make the mistake of using a construction-type contract with construction language, warranties, etc. as their Contingency Agreement. Restrictions in state and federal  laws  governing  construction  contracts when no money has changed hands means that they lose much of their actual legal validity. The SVG Team has worked with countless attorneys and real field cases to come up with a new and improved Contingency Agreement. 

Trainers can easily teach a salesperson how to use them and ink deals. Also, because a Contingency Agreement is not pretending to be a Construction Contract, it is not governed by the same technical rules as a Construction Contract. If necessary, it is a simple process for the two parties to enter into a construction contract at a later date for certain services. If that arrangement does not happen, then there is a 15 percent cancellation fee of insurance proceeds.

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