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  • Owner Level Vision Statement & Goal Setting Workshop
  • Managers Level Vision Statement Exercise
  • Salespeople Level Vision Statement Exercise

Vision Statement Exercise Description:

The Secret Sauce & Goal Setting Workshop

Vision Statement Overview:

The Vision Statement exercises were carefully constructed for the construction/roofing industry, and combines Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich” techniques with construction industry variables like # of salespeople, average contract size, etc. So owners, sales managers, and even their salespeople, can build a real strategy to annually, monthly, and weekly to build reach their individual annual income goals.

These annual Vision Statements were the “Secret Sauce” which helped me propel my own company to $173 million in ten years. Not only did I do the Vision Statement at the owner level, but everyone even down to each salesperson, did this exercise as part of their Phase I Sales Training. I truly believe that this one exercise was a secret weapon in our arsenal, and the main driver of our success. Our salespeople doubled, if not tripled their sales efforts and productivity.

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